Sharing is a key!

Written by Katja Alexandrovaconnect-share-learn-give

Sharing information and knowledge is crucial while settling down in a new place. As each of us came to the Netherlands at different times and has been involved in various activities and faced different situations, we have gotten diverse experiences and it makes us a great resource of information for each other. Moreover, everyone has his own approach in dealing with issues that can be totally opposite to what another person used to. So what I want to say here is that we can learn from each other stories and experience and can support and assist each other with a proper information in different aspects of our life here in the Netherlands.

When I just came to this small country in Europe, I was not aware of so many opportunities and I had to look for them by googling, annoying my husband and his colleagues, going to the city hall and other organisations. It costs me time and very often I got a thought “If I only knew about it a bit earlier…”

But even now at this point of time, I still have that feeling that there are much more unnoticed opportunities that I am yet unaware of and that could be discovered by mutual exchange with you- peers!

Today, I would like to take the first step and share here with you a few resources that were of great benefit to me when I came to Eindhoven, also I will mention some of the new ones that might be interesting for you as well.

The Hub offers a lot of different activities, language classes, organizes events and workshops, comedy nights, musical performances and much more. Personally, I found Dutch conversation classes to be very useful. The Hub is a non-profit organisation and you are more then welcome to become one of their volunteers. Isn’t it a great way to be involved and meet other people and practise languages? If you have not checked it yet, give it a try, here is the link:


If you are a spouse or a student of the Technical University of Eindhoven, then you will be offered to participate in “Get in Touch” programme. I got an idea that many people who got involved in this programme have found not only new friends but also became as close as family members. There is a blog from the participants of this programme, so please take a look here:

ESI– through this initiative, we came together as a team and started IPSN, other members of the community got empowerment, workshops,  started something on their own or found a paid or a volunteer job in their or similar fields. I should also mention that ESI offers Dutch classes and conversation groups for different levels, please check out all the options and maybe you will find the one for yourself:

IWC Eindhoven is an organisation that gives an opportunity to women from all over the world to come together for socialising. You can find a lot of activities, groups of interest, and attend regular meetings, you can also volunteer for this organisation, so just take a look and contact them if it is something you have been looking for:

Global Dorp – “It is a mixture of culture, education and social activities aimed at connecting and empowering Dutch people and the newcomers in Eindhoven”. Would you like to know more? Please follow the link:

Holland Expat Center South will provide you with all kind of information you might need while living/studying/working in the Netherlands. It also organises a lot of activities, workshops, informational evenings, trips and excursions mostly for the newcomers:

If you are willing to Volunteer, then contact these organizations (plus and also The Hub and IWC in Eindhoven (that I mentioned above)).,

If you know more organisations/ companies/institutions/ entrepreneurs and other resources that can be of any benefit to other internationals, then leave a comment below and start sharing and exchanging your knowledge with your peers from now on!


I strongly believe that while sharing we are not only giving but we are also getting back. Sharing connects and enriches us, gives thoughts and leads to discussion, creates new ideas and arms us with the crucial information that can bring us further and open new horizons.

So let’s connect and share!

Katja for IPSN





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