Make your own Jar of Happiness!

Written by Katja Alexandrova


Many years ago when I still had summer vacations at school, my mom has introduced me to the home conservation of vegetables and fruits. Each summer instead of going somewhere to visit places we made ourselves busy with the process of preservation of all those cucumbers, tomatoes, cherries, apples, berries of all kinds and mixtures of everything. Why did we do it? Well, I think there were several reasons behind it, although we have not discussed them, we just got into the process and carried it out, preparing for long winter…. Was it our attempt to conserve a bit of summer life with its colors, smells, the sunshine, refreshing fragrance of warm summer rain, long nights filled with the sound of crickets, clear dark sky full of stars, so then on rainy, gloomy days, a jar filled with “summer” will be a reminder of the bright and warm time of the year? Maybe… But there were more than that.You open one of these pots full of amber apricots in the marvelous sea of syrup and the whole palate of summer come out of it, filling you with dear memories that you can share with your family and friends while enjoying a cup of tea.

Back then we did not know anything about the Jar of Happiness. Only recently it attracted my attention and I got curious about it


The jar (or any other vessel) can be filled in with all kind of good and nice things, emotions that happened to us during a year: happy memories, small things that gave a reason to smile, small and big victories, challenges that we overcome. 2017 has just begun. Isn’t it a perfect time to start filling in your Jar? A jar can take any form you want: it can be your diary, your paintings, photos with the moments when you had a great time, pieces of paper where you write something that you were grateful for at that exact moment, your emotions, names of people that inspired and changed your life, pebbles from different places, flowers, dry leaves or maybe even glass jars filled with jam or sauces as we did with my mom? It is up to you, as well as the time when you would like to open your pot.

Would you like to give it a try? All you need is your will, a bit of your time and a jar/box/album to collect and preserve your best memories of 2017. Then maybe at the end of the year or whenever you would feel like you will open it and get a bit of happiness for yourself and people around you.

Want some instructions how to start and keep a Happiness Jar? Read here a few tips: Keep-a-Happiness-Jar


Need a bit of inspiration? Well, they say we can learn from a child: “She mixes the smell of warm biscuits and the seaside with the taste of chocolate ice cream, apple juice and the warmth of sunshine. She fills the jar and visits her loved ones to share her invention” Reference.

So simple it is…

Hopefully, our next meeting that will be in  February will bring into your life some positive thoughts and emotions that you would like to keep in your “Jar of Happiness” and pass it on. It would be really great if you might want to share with us photos and ingredients from your “Jar of Happiness” and who knows maybe your components will cheer up someone, remind about the bright sides of the life or just simply create a smile on someone’s face.

Warm regards,





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