Holiday spirit through the entire year? YES!


HolidayI am a big fan of holidays and I am sure I am not the only one. I feel so relaxed while on holiday and I find myself noticing more of my surroundings, feeling more present and connected to my thoughts. However, when I return back to the “real world” it is always difficult to adjust. I started to think about how I could feel those same “holiday feelings” even when I am back in day-to-day life. Here are some tricks and tips that I developed through the years to make my holidays last longer and feel the holiday spirit back at home as well!

Scent and Smell


Science says that smell is the most powerful tool to evoke memories and emotions. Cool! During your holiday time, use a specific shower gel or perfume. Make sure it is a scent that you enjoy and one that is special. When return home from your holiday and you may be missing those relaxing vacation days, just open the bottle and take a deep breath. It will light you up I am sure!

How I do it: For so many years now, I have used the same shower gel when I go on a beach vacation. By now I have a very strong connection between that fragrance and the holiday feeling. When I feel down, like in the winter when summer is still far away, I just take a shower with that specific shower gel. It is a simple trick that can bring some sunshine and warmth to your day. It works 😉 Just make sure you keep that fragrance special. If you use it every day, it will overwrite the connection in the brain.


Every summer has hot hits. You know those songs that we hear and play on repeat? Try creating a playlist to listen to while driving, travelling, readingmobile-616012_960_720 or relaxing during your vacation. Not a fan of pop music? Then create any type of music playlist specifically for the holiday time. It works the same way as with the scent and smell. Music will help your brain memorize and preserve the special holiday moments and more importantly capture the mood and spirit. Feel free to use the same playlist every holiday or create new ones.

How I do it: I like pop music, so it’s easy for me. Sometimes I don’t prepare any playlist. I just listen to the radio a lot during my holidays and there are few songs that they play more so it sticks to my brain. When I make a playlist I add the hits to my list. By now, I have a lot of playlists or songs that are connected with holidays, different playlist different holiday. When I want to go back to a specific holiday I just start to listen to that playlist.  For example, when I was on holidays with my boyfriend for the first time, we listened hit songs in the car, a lot! Now I just pick that playlist over a romantic dinner at home and we are travelling back in time! Its perfect for bringing hot days back to winter times and bringing romance back into your relationship! I also love when it is winter time and I drive in my car and they play one of these songs on the radio. It makes my day! 

Photos and Videos 

memory-2213634_960_720You would think this one might be obvious. Well, maybe… We take photos all the time without thinking, especially now that most of our SmartPhones are equipped with cameras. Yet imagine you have an old camera with film in it. It means you have 32 pictures; 32 moments to catch. So, now it puts things into a different light. I suggest to use this 32 photo concept to preserve the moments and not the surrounding. What I am talking about? For example, think of a time you had an amazing time with your friends, laughing until it hurts. Well, that’s the moment to take a photo! Back at home make an album of the photos. You can even write the memory on the back of the pictures. Invite the people with who you were on holidays and look at those photos together. Don’t share on social media! It’s only for you. Old-school is back (If you would have shared on social media, it wouldn’t be that fun to watch those pictures because everyone would have seen them already)!

How I do it: I choose the photos that make me smile. I make an album, and invite my travel companions to my house to watch them over some holiday food and drink while we listen to the playlist.

Food and Drink

There are tyfood-1050813_960_720pical dishes in every country and as tourists we are obliged to try them 🙂 Special tastes and spices can create a connection in the brain the same way as smell and music. Of course there are also typical summer drinks. Pick your favourite one and consume it through your vacation time or even during the entire summer. After the holiday season when not much is going on prepare that specific dish or drink and enjoy!

How I do it: I cook a special dish I had over my vacation or make a special cocktail if I feel in need some holiday spirit.



Summer holidays are perfect for reading books. Longer days mean more light and reading is the best activity while lying in the sun on the beach. Reading helps us to grow our knowledge,  open our mind, enrich our wisdom, change our mindset. Better yet, reading can be really entertaining. Let your mind and imagination explore a great story, new ideas, thoughts and feelings. Learn a new personal development tool, start a new way of thinking and let yourself realize something about your own self.  Choose a book that has a message to you or one that offers great entertainment. The key is to read that book which shakes you a bit (of course in a good way).  This book will give that extra to your holiday and later the book can act like a souvenir on your bookshelf. 


How I do it: As you might expect, my main interest is psychology. I buy lot of books through the year but I don’t have the time, mood, energy to read all of them. So I read them through my holidays and with that I give a real content and meaning to the simpliest days even. I expand my wisdom and awareness 🙂



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