Holland Expat Center  Here you might find a nice overview about Dutch living accommodations, what to expect and what to be prepared for. On the right sidebar on the web page of Holland Expat Center there are a few links to real estate agencies that willingly will assist you in your search for a space to live during your stay in the Netherlands

Find a room Open market, Room/apartments mostly

If you are searching for a room/house/apartment then this is an option for you.It is also can possible to post your message when you are looking for a roommate or want rent out your own place.

Eindhoven housing

This is an FB page where you can look for a roommate, a room, a house, or you can post your advertisement if you want to rent out.

Housing in the Netherlands  On this website you can find all kind of properties and the description is given in English, so it is easier to navigate and choose. There you can also find general information about renting and buying a property.

Renting places  A great overview of housing corporations and commercial housing agencies