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In case of emergency dial 112!

Ambulance, and fire and police services all use the 112-emergency telephone number.

English is spoken.

Need a GP (doctor) outside practicing hours?

Normally in the Netherlands, you call your family doctor (GP – General Practitioner) for emergencies -unless it is life or death situation. If their office is closed, it is after hours or on the weekend there is a 24/7 medical coverage throughout the region.

What this means is that outside regular hours you need to call the Centrale Huisartsen Post, CHP, to consult a doctor. This doctor will advise you whether you need to go to the hospital or they may make a house-call. English is spoken.

CHP Zuidoost-Brabant Huisartsenposten is only open outside office hours and has 3 locations: 

  1. Wesselmanlaan 25, Helmond
  2. Bogardeind 2, Geldrop
  3. Catharina Ziekenhuis, Michelangelolaan 2, Eindhoven

0900-8861 (10 eurocents per minute). This coverage system also applies to pharmacists.


  • Monday-Friday, 17:00-08:00
  • Saturday-Sunday, 17:00-08:00


A GP (General Practitioner) is your family doctor, also known as huisarts.


SGE International in Eindhoven is a medical clinic that specifically cares for the needs of Internationals. SGEi is located in Strijp S (Video-Lab building) where healthcare is provided in English and with longer appointment times (20 mins versus normal 10 min appointments).

You can also look at this webpage for other GP/Huisarts in Eindhoven however the site is only in Dutch.


Eindhoven has many dentists with quite a few that can provide service in English.

The following website is where you can find a list and rating of every dentist/dental clinic in a certain city. You simply type in your city or postal code than hit the Zoeken button for a list. Unfortunately, the website is only in Dutch however it does provide direct links to the websites of the clinics.

What is the Difference between an Apotheek and a Drogiest?

An Apotheek (known also as a pharmacist in some countries) is where you go to pick up prescription medications as well as you can buy over the counter medication. You can recognize an apotheek in the Netherlands as they have a green cross on the front of the building or a clear label as being an apotheek:

Drogiest is a type of retail store that sells over-the-counter medications. They also will sell miscellaneous items such as candy, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, magazines, books, as well as light refreshments. Noted Drogiest are Etos or Kruidvat in the Eindhoven region.